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Add/update map

To be included here, your little gallery must be “take art/leave art”. We don’t list galleries that are just tiny exhibit spaces.

Your submission will not be posted instantly — our dedicated staff will review and manually add it when he has time. Please fill in all the fields that apply, even if you think we already know it. There are hundreds of FLAGs and memory is unreliable.

We do list arts/crafts material supplies drop boxes — either fiber arts or other media. If your listing is for one of these, please mention that in the “anything else” field.

    What are we doing?

    If this is an update, please note below any items you especially want to correct.

    Location for visitors to find you:

    Web location:

    Please give the full URL, not just an Instagram handle (for instance), e.g. ""

    Submission policy:

    If you selected "Mail art without asking", please give full mail address including "to" and "c/o" lines.

    If you selected "Query", how can they reach you? (e.g. "Instagram DM")

    Photo (please!)