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FLAGs on the Web

Other directories

We believe this is the most comprehensive directory. Here are other lists of FLAGs online — I try to keep track of updates to these and make sure I also list those galleries, but if I’ve missed some please use the map update form to let me know.

Galleries’ online presence

Many Free Little Art Galleries have an Instagram feed, Facebook page, or other webpage. When known, our map has a link to the main web presence of the gallery. Typically they post photos or videos of new art they receive or that they created themselves to put in, identifying the artist when they can.

Many other galleries are not online, and fewer of those are on the map because they’re harder to find. If you know some we don’t list, please let us know!

More about FLAGs

  • The Tiny Art Gallery Group on Facebook is about all small galleries, including FLAGs and also display-only spaces.
  • The Art Abandonment group on Facebook is mainly about leaving art any old place for people to find, but FLAGs are sometimes discussed.
  • The Map of FLAGs hosted on this site, posts information about new listings. Follow us on Facebook or Instagram @mapofflags to be notified of additions, or sign up for email notifications. The Instagram account follows the feed of every other FLAG we can find, so looking through that account’s “following” list is a good way to find those feeds.
  • The Instagram hashtag #freelittleartgallery (and the less active #littlefreeartgallery).
  • If you have or want to have your own FLAG, please join the Free Little Art Gallery Stewards group on Facebook.
  • If you’re in the Seattle area, Instagram’s @littlelibraryguy walks around the city looking for Little Free Libraries, FLAGs, and similar.

Please comment below with other resources for this list.