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PDX Sidewalk Fun map

Local map for Portland

Two enthusiasts of Tiny Things — PDX Dinorama and PDX FLAG — have collaborated on a periodically-updated map of FLAGs and similar things in Portland, Oregon and vicinity. Since my map doesn’t list display-only galleries, toy exchanges, and the like, they have a bunch of stuff not listed here, but which may be of interest to those who like Tiny Things and are in Portland. View the PDX Sidewalk Joy Map as a PDF file here: Or explore the “live” Google Maps version here (open in new tab):

FLURN, Portland, Oregon

Recently opened in PORTLAND, the mysteriously-named GALLERY FLURN (@thegalleryflurn ) casts a jolly, winter-combating glow. If you live nearby or are passing through, please stop by to acquire or deposit the arts. I like the wide-format, prop-openable design, and is that a planter on top?