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Local map for Seattle

Instagram’s @littlelibraryguy walks around the city looking for Little Free Libraries, FLAGs, and similar. You can view the latest guide at — currently running to 11 pages of pictures and descriptions of the many fun sidewalk diversions Seattle has to offer. My usual disclaimer: I only map FLAGs — the take art, leave art type of gallery. This map lists all sorts of things likely to be of interest to those who like tiny art or quirky fun things in general. It’s great that we have people making an effort to document these things… Read More »Local map for Seattle

Victory Heights, Seattle Washington

Thanks to @littlelibraryguy for the tip on this one. The VICTORY HEIGHTS Free Little Art Gallery in Seattle is a new-ish transplant of the former Wallingford gallery. If you’re in the area, please stop by, peruse the free art, and bring home a treasure, or leave something for someone else to love! The curator asks that if you want to mail art, query first via DM. I do wish people would let me know when they move their galleries so I can update the map — and announce the new location here.