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Police Participation Leaves a Pup

I live in a suburb of Cincinnati, where we have our own community and small town feel. I knew my gallery would be a hit within our neighborhood, and especially with the large “moms” group that our community follows on Facebook. Using that group, I knew I could promote my FLAG and stimulate interest not only from the walkers in my neighborhood, but also the families of the entire community (and get their kids to create too, now that it is summertime).

One morning, I was preparing to post on Instagram some of the new pieces that arrived in the FLAG when I noticed a police car stopped in front of it. I’d only had the gallery up and running for a month, so I was excited to see that it was catching on, but I was alarmed to see a cop checking it out. Had I not gotten proper clearance or permission from the city? Was it too close to the storm drain? So, I ran out there to greet him.

Police officer standing beside FLAG

He had the gallery door open and was fishing around inside. When he saw me, he said, “Hello… I’m here to visit your gallery and leave you a 3D printed dog that represents our K9 officer named Onyx.” He held up the dog and it was beautiful! I asked if he was just driving by or saw the FLAG earlier on one of his neighborhood sweeps. Nope! He and the police department were aware of my gallery through the Facebook group mentioned earlier, and wanted to make a contribution! He told me it was a fabulous idea and he hoped I have continued success. Coincidentally, the figurine “patron” I’d placed in the FLAG that morning was a police officer. He said, “Oh, how ironic!” It was perfect timing.

Dog statue in FLAG

The idea of giving and receiving small pieces of art can provide smiles to even those who are sworn to protect and serve our community. I was beyond thrilled!


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