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Nicest note ever

Message I just sent to Christiane Drieling — Artist who sent me the beautiful little prints.

Here’s a little story about the Free Little Art Gallery — that JUST happened within the last 10 minutes. There was a knock on my door. When I opened the door, a very tall young mom and her daughter of about 5 greeted me. They were personally delivering a card to me to express appreciation for the Free Little Art Gallery. Since I just received your prints today, I brought them out to show the visitors, and I allowed them to pick one of the prints. The little daughter, Pearl, happened to pick the print that you use for your FB profile picture.

thank you note
thank you note (continued)

Did any FLAGER ever get a nicer bit of encouragement.


I cannot say definitively but it seems unlikely

I gave her your little tea light to boot.

want to write it up for the FLAG website?

Or I could just copy this chat…

Yes. That and the Homage to Felix Gonzalez-Torres story. And the coded message on the pillar, and some other stuff.

Let’s space them out…


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